Fee Structures

TPO offers a variety of services to numerous organizations, all with different needs and goals for human resource support. The fees for products, projects, and annual memberships are dependent on a variety of factors, including:

  • Size of the Organization (number of employees)
  • Number of Managers
  • Existing HR practices and expertise in the HR field
  • Degree of Interaction with TPO
  • Location of Client


From wage and hour questions, to morale issues, to sexual harassment investigations, TPO provides on and off-site consulting services – whether the need is for an hour or two to discuss a particular employment issue, or several days of in-depth consulting.

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It is often difficult for organizations to find the time, expertise or desire to create and maintain essential personnel administration systems such as Employee Handbooks, Job Descriptions, Performance Evaluations – projects that may be incomplete or not yet started. TPO provides support on an hourly basis to get projects done effectively.

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TPO Membership

For organizations that recognize the importance of having ongoing, expert support. Programs are available for organizations with one to one hundred or more employees. The Goal: Provide managers and the individuals involved in the HR function the support necessary to make sound employment decisions. A TPO consultant would be pleased to discuss the specifics of your organization with you and approximate costs of our services.

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A Good First Step:

Often a good place to start is investing a little time to take a look at your current employment systems. TPO can review such items as your Employees Handbook, Job Descriptions, Application for Employment, Performance Review and Disciplinary Systems, Separation Paperwork and other forms.

Then What?

From there, we will share our recommendations and can define associated costs to reduce employment-related exposure while maintaining your employee-relations goals. If your employment systems need to be updated (and not all do), TPO can help revise (or if necessary, create) such items. The initial cost of reviewing your systems can often be credited to future/ongoing projects and/or services.

What Should I Do Now?

 Our clients and members tell us our services represent an excellent value in providing ongoing, dedicated support in today’s complex employment environment. If you are ready to talk with an HR expert to determine how compliant and effective your employment practices are, click here to CONTACT US.

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