TPO’s Client Profile

TPO Works With ANY SIZE employer, whether you have one employee, a dozen, a hundred, or more.


Business Owners & Managers Who…

  • Want help with employment regulations and issues
  • Want to focus on the business, not on being a HR expert
  • Want to treat their employees fairly, using effective systems and tools to deal with employment policies and decisions
  • Recognize that employment constantly changes, and that years of managerial experience must be balanced with current, legally sound policies and techniques

Human Resource Managers Who…

  • Cannot add needed HR staff for important projects and training
  • Recognize the benefit of resourcing with other HR colleagues when working through complex employment decisions or researching and complying with ever-changing employment regulations and trends
  • Are transitioning from “Personnel” to “Human Resources”, and need more time to focus on higher-level, strategic partnerships

For example, TPO works with the following types of companies:

  • A well-established bank with 60 employees and 3 branches in Monterey that needs updates to current HR and personnel practices.
  • A nonprofit organization that wants to implement formal employment policies and practices.
  • A Northern Californian insurance agency with 150 employees and an HR department that needs help training managers and completing important projects.
  • A hotel company with 10 properties in 4 states and 300 employees that relies on TPO as their HR expert for compliance, training, and “as needed” problem solving.
  • A public sector organization that needs Affirmative Action Plan updates and training for management.
  • A nonprofit board of directors embarking on a national search to hire an Executive Director.
  • A San Jose high-tech start-up that currently has 20 employees with one person responsible for many jobs, including personnel administration.
  • A large hospital organization with 1600 employees managing an organizational change initiative.
  • A medical office with 7 employees and an Office Manager who is not an expert in HR/personnel and who needs professional support and advice.
  • A nonprofit organization loosing its talent to the competitor that requests a compensation and benefits survey to maintain its competitiveness (and its market share).
  • A local city embarking on major growth and change, needing updating city-wide job classifications and compensation structure, and executive team development training and retreats.
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