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California law requires organizations with 5 or more
employees (including contractors, on-call staff, and
temporary employees) to provide harassment training
by 1/1/2021 and thereafter:


June 18, October 29 & December 10


June 23, October 27 & December 17


1. INTRODUCING - VirtuaLive (Online) Training
      by Jill Russell, SPHR, TPO

      by Melissa Irwin, SPHR, PHRca, SHRM-SCP, TPO

3. CA WAGE & HOUR QUICK TIP - Non-Exempt Employees Working From Home
      by Melissa Irwin, SPHR, PHRca, SHRM-SCP, TPO

4. REMINDER - CA Harassment Training Requirement
      by Michaelle Stanford, PHRca, M.A., TPO



WOW, We Didn't See THAT Coming!

The Launch of TPO VirtuaLive Online Training

by Jill Russell, SPHR, TPO Principal

There is essentially nothing, and no one, untouched by this global pandemic. Employers of all sizes and industry have been stopped in our tracks and required to rethink most everything that once represented business as usual.

On the support services front, TPO and your Team of HR Experts has done, and is doing, exactly what you would expect – being your trusted advisors to walk this path together. Keeping our eyes on the ball and not letting you down.  It’s tested our technology and ability to perform from remote and we’ve passed with flying colors! We refocused and doubled down to learn, re-learn, and re-learn again what was (and is) necessary to navigate this constantly changing canvas called COVID. Not strictly for our members and clients – but for our internal operation as well.

There’s no crystal ball to show the way forward. What IS clear is that the way forward looks different in many ways for the short and long-term. 

As we advise our members and clients to do, we also had to take a close look at our processes, operating priorities, and deliverables.  What looks the same? What will look different? How do we stay nimble and adjust while maintaining the integrity of a 29-year legacy of excellence and relevance that we know adds great value?

In the initial analysis one thing became an immediate “no brainer” and the pandemic drove this home. TPO is relied upon for high-quality, content rich professional development programs taught by the best – but large groups and live training looks different now - and likely will going forward. We need to become the very best at online “live” training. This became, and is, TPO priority #1.

TPO VirtuaLive Online Training

Taking “Webinars” to the next level, VirtuaLive features top-notch, “live” online professional development HR training programs presented by our incomparable certified HR experts. Consistent with our standard training menu options, TPO VirtuaLive Online Training offers a mix of Leadership Skills, Employment Regulations/Best Practices and Legal Compliance content through:

In the short-term we will limit our Pre-Scheduled TPO Training programs to VirtuaLive online. Soon (we hope) we will resume live programming at our Professional Development Center in Monterey. Meanwhile, we have been conducting programs at client locations exercising appropriate social distancing so please feel free to contact us if you have the space and interest.

Among countless challenges and downsides to the COVID pandemic, there are some silver linings emerging in the form of new and better ways of doing things and being. We are seeing a sense of complacency being replaced by creativity and innovation to take things to the next level – it is our pleasure to join that movement by introducing TPO VirtuaLive Online Training so we can continue to meet the needs of our members and clients as they strive to develop their individual and team capabilities.

Click here to register for upcoming VirtuaLive online programs. We are enthusiastic about this “launch” and look forward to the opportunity to share vital HR information in this convenient and powerful way!

PS: Take note of your innovations – we are building a case study log to showcase the brighter side of these challenging times!


...for elevating HR in the COVID-19 Shift!

These have been unprecedented times as we have all shifted in response to COVID-19!

We understand that every client organization has been greatly impacted; from those who have continued “business as usual”, to those who have temporarily closed, to those who have shifted their business for new demands, to those who have maintained protracted services via remote work. Thank you!

To the individual client contacts, we applaud your diligence and commitment to positive HR outcomes! We know it hasn’t been easy as you have had to make strategic business decisions and then communicate very challenging news to employees in the most professional and respectful way. All while managing “usual” HR issues, and balancing your own personal situations. Thank you!

TPO has shifted too. Consultants continue to work diligently to answer client questions, research current COVID-19 issues as they constantly change, write 22 (and counting) TPO COVID Alerts, provide webinars across multiple platforms, and work as a team to support our clients!

We’ve got this. Together. And we’ll emerge stronger, nimbler, and maybe just a little more appreciative of the positive influence HR has in the overall success of every organization.

Thank you!
Your TPO Team

While TPO Members receive on-going eCompliance communications from TPO as part of TPO Annual Membership, as an exception during COVID-19, we have provided TPO COVID Alerts for a limited time to both TPO Members and Non-Members. – click here.



Client questions during this time have been non-stop for both COVID-19 and typical HR support!

Click here to send message!


HR Legislation

by Melissa Irwin, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP, TPO

PENDING LEGISLATIONTPO typically tracks PENDING HR legislation so employers can keep an eye on the horizon. In today’s times, that list would be LONG and the chances of changes being made before turned into law would be great. It should be no surprise that pending legislation focuses mostly on COVID-19 related topics such as extending leaves of absence, workers’ compensation presumption of injury, unemployment insurance, terms of government loans, to name a few!

Note from TPO: As legislation and executive orders are enacted, TPO will provide timely updates.


UPDATED REQUIRED NEW-HIRE SEXUAL HARASSMENT FACT SHEETLast month the DFEH updated the Sexual Harassment two-page Fact Sheet, replacing the previous tri-fold brochure.  

Note from TPO: Replace in the Upon Hire tab of your HR Administration Kit!



1. Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) PosterAs previously provided in a TPO COVID-19 Alert, for employers with fewer than 500 employees, post the “Employee Rights” poster. For any remote/telework employees who do not come into a workplace where it is posted, the recommendation is to email it.

Note from TPO: This is a good document to provide to employees when they have questions about these new paid leaves of absence.


2. CA COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave for Food Sector Workers PosterAs previously provided in a TPO COVID-19 Alert, for hiring entities with 500+ Food Sector Workers, post the following:


3. The DFEH has finally provided the Spanish version of their 1/1/2020 posters on their website:

Discrimination & Harassment







Note from TPO: We know, posters are so boring! But if an employer doesn’t have updated posters, it brings into question if other areas of compliance are not up to speed.

  • Need to buy all-in-one poster sets, click here!
  • Need to buy an electronic .pdf version of posters to send to employees who do not come into the office (there is no need for paper waste and mailing costs), click here!


COVID-19 SAFETY-RELATED REQUIREMENTS – There are numerous safety-required notices, protocols, procedures, posters and checklists. Safety is a distinct area of specialty that TPO defers to the experts in that field. Work closely with your safety provider to ensure compliance with the many requirements, particularly as the information changes frequently. Familiarize yourself with the following resources:

  1. County-Specific Orders - Be careful! What is required/allowed in one county, may be different in the next!
  2. CA’s Resilience Roadmap for State Reopening - As your county progresses through the stages of opening, pay attention to the industry-specific requirements located here.
  3. Center for Disease Control (CDC) - https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html  
  4. Federal OSHA - https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/covid-19/
  5. Cal/OSHA - https://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/coronavirus/

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...COVID-19 Has Not Changed This Requirement!

by Michaelle Stanford, PHRca, M.A., TPO

Although our January announcement may be a distant memory, the recent CA Law - Harassment Training EXTENSION (SB 778) is coming close at hand! 

This emergency legislation took effect 8/31/2019 which extends the sexual harassment prevention training deadline (SB 1343) from January 1, 2020, to January 1, 2021. Employers with 50+ employees follow the law from 2015 (AB1825) for supervisory positions.

TPO Note: TPO provides meaningful training, including “live” online training customized to your business, to address this serious topic! This can be an excellent option for organizations working remotely at this time.

Employers with 5-49 Employees:

Must provide harassment prevention training to all employees by the end of 2020 (before 1/1/2021) – 2.0 hours for supervisors, 1.0 hours for nonsupervisory employees, and every two years. Thereafter,

Employers with 50 or More Employees:

And, not in the “too distant” future…. Seasonal and Temporary Employees (hired for less than 6 months), starting 1/1/2021 (SB 530) must be trained within 30 calendar days after their hire date or within 100 hours worked, whichever occurs first.

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...do we really have to keep track of ALL time actually worked?

by Melissa Irwin, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP, TPO

We get it. At the start of COVID-19, individuals pitched in and did what was needed to get the job done, as we all dealt with working remotely for an unexpected duration.

Now with many organizations looking at weeks/months of requiring/allowing non-exempt employees to work remotely (and some organizations acknowledging that more remote work might be a permanent solution), it may be time to get the realities of the current “lax” practices back in alignment with policies and well-established regulations.

There have been NO changes to wage and hour requirements for non-exempt employees who are working remotely during Shelter in Place!

Time Worked Examples


Variable workdays, such as where an employee works a few hours, takes a few off, then back on again, etc.
Logging on in the evening to catch-up.
Taking work calls on the weekend.
Texting with the supervisor about work issues.
Sending work emails “after hours.”
Starting work a little “early”
ALL hours actually worked.


Requirements for Non-exempt Employees:

TPO Recommendations:


This article is a brief overview of a complex matter. Please contact TPO with any questions!


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