Conflict & Negotiation Management

September 15, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am
TPO VirtuaLive Institute Online
Members: $109 per participant Clients: $129 per participant
Amber Allerton

Taking It to the Next Level!

Essential Skills for the Complex Challenges of 2020

It often takes Crucial Conversations to untangle what’s going on to conquer the most challenging issues at work. Learn how to work through a process for separating WANTS from NEEDS and take away a set of behaviors and attitudes to use right away for increased confidence and effectiveness when negotiating outcomes and managing conflict!

1. Understand Conflict and Negotiation as forms of communication and human interaction – and identify your attitude toward each using TPO’s Personal Conflict Assessment.
2. Identify 3 Actions/Behaviors to Reduce Conflict and move toward a negotiated resolution.
3. HOW TO: Take Action, Communicate Assertively, Recognize the Power in the Conflict, Check on Your Assumptions, Accommodate, Resolve and/or Move on

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