Pay Equity Briefing

CA’s 2016 Equal Pay Lawo-fairrpay

One of the Toughest in the Country!

  • SB 358 applies to ALL CA Employers, Regardless of size
  • Creates a much Stricter Standard for Gender Pay Equity
  • Imposes New and Higher Standards for Pay Differences
  • Permits/Encourages Open Discussion Regarding Pay
  • Increases Record Retention Requirements

Attend TPO’s SB 358 Compliance Briefings to learn more about the risks and recommended steps to assess your organization’s pay practices and address exposures in 2016 and beyond.

  • The Equal Pay Act of 1963
  • California’s New Fair Pay Act
  • The Path to Parity
  • Employers’ Increased Burden of Proof for Wage Differences
  • Equal Work versus Substantially Similar Work
  • Enhanced Wage Transparency for Employers Without Fear of Retaliation
  • Practical Steps to Identify & Remedy Inequities
  • SB 358’s New Record Retention Requirements

Your current pay practices may unwittingly expose your company to costly pay discrimination claims and create turmoil in employee morale under CA’s new Fair Pay Act.

Evaluate Your Pay Practices to Avoid Unintentional Wage Discrimination NOW!

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