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shutterstock_81713488At TPO, we believe that all corrective action should be performed in a spirit of resolving performance or misconduct problems. Each corrective action and termination situation represents a unique set of circumstances and therefore should be reviewed and decided on the individual facts and in the context of the surrounding circumstances. In each instance, the corrective action taken should be just, and in proportion to the seriousness of the situation.

Our approach to addressing and resolving performance, conduct and interpersonal conflict issues is to “Seek first to Understand…THEN be Understood” (Stephen Covey). We work with our clients to peel back the layers and truly understand the core issues leading to the difficulties. Once those are understood, we proceed with recommendations, advice and tools to work through the issues given the specific circumstances.

TPO’s HR Administration Kit provides guidelines and Corrective Action forms such as: coaching (Plan for Improvement); verbal or written counseling (Employee Counseling Form); and disciplinary action (Disciplinary Action Form) – and in some cases a (Last Chance Agreement) is appropriate. Although one or more of these types of corrective action may be imposed, no formal order or system of corrective action necessarily need be followed. Certain conduct or performance problems may result in termination of employment even for the first offense.

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