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Today, it is more important than ever that employers consistently require applicants to complete an up-to-date employment application. Unlike resumes, well-designed employment application forms seek very specific information of applicants. A thorough employment application form also may significantly improve employer’s legal positioning by incorporating “at will” language, certification that falsification or omission of information may constitute grounds for discharge, and many other protective provisions.

Many employers fail to require applicants to fully complete a standard employment application. Rather, they accept a resume in lieu. With scores of software programs and outplacement consultants available to portray just what the applicant hopes to project as their professional image, despite the reality, resumes can and often are misleading. In fact, a study by the Society of Human Resource Management revealed that the following percentages of false information discovered during reference and background investigations:

  • Length of prior employment – 53%
  • Past Salary – 52%
  • Criminal Record – 45%
  • Former Job Title – 44%
  • Former Employer – 35%
  • Driving Record – 33%
  • Degrees – 30%
  • Credit History – 41%
  • Reason for Leaving – 18%

You can increase the degree of accurate information by structuring the information you seek by using an employment application form. The following are among many of the advantages employment applications  offer above and beyond self-formatted resumes:

1. Employment applications offer a consistent format to help with screening for qualified candidates – resumes list information in multiple orders and formats
2. Employment applications request/require certain information that is not generally contained on a resume – such as specific reasons for leaving previous employers
3. Legally recommended certifications and disclosures can substantially improve employer positioning in the event of legal challenges
4. A professionally designed and legally written Application for Employment sends a clear message to job seekers that the employer is concerned about accurate information and administers their employment practices professionally and consistently
5. Having an applicant complete an Application for Employment form illustrates the individual’s attention to detail, writing skills, and ability (and willingness) to follow directions

It is important to remember that the regulations about what you can and cannot ask on an Application for Employment and during an interview vary from state-to-state. Beware of using an “off the shelf” format that may or may not comply with your particular state’s employment laws.

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