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Clear, Concise, ADA & FEHA Compliant

Organizations large and small have recognized the advantage of maintaining current written job descriptions for all job positions. With our detailed job description template, you can post all the jobs you offer and their requirements.


The essential areas of a job description should include: Essential Duties and Responsibilities, Qualification Requirements (Education & Experience, Language Skills, Mathematical Skills, Reasoning Ability, and other skills), Physical Demands, and the Work Environment. The benefits of listing job descriptions and duties are endless, as they help clarify responsibilities for both employers and potential employees.


Current job descriptions are useful in many areas of your business activities. By having all of the information in one place, a job description template can assist in the following areas:

  • Compensation: A well-written Job Description helps you analyze the type and level of responsibilities the position entails and clarifies the required qualifications, skills, education and training required to more objectively determine appropriate compensation. This becomes a significant factor when complying with CA’s Fair Pay Act of 2016 (SB 358) and the federal Equal Pay Act. The process of developing updated Job Descriptions is a practical and effective way to identify and remedy unintended pay inequities and reduce risk!
  • Recruiting: The job duties and responsibilities outlined on the Job Description can serve as basis for writing targeted job advertisements, and announcements to ensure the best qualified candidates apply.
  • Hiring the Right Employee: Interviewers who review the Job Descriptions and duties before talking to applicants will be able to ask job-related questions and obtain more useful information from applicants. In addition, prospective employees can see in “black-and-white” what is expected of them and decide if there is a match between the job and their qualifications.
  • Clarifying Responsibilities: Job Descriptions and duties required help employees develop a sense of how their job fits in the company as a whole. The Job Description should provide a clear picture of the scope of responsibilities of the position, and reduce the amount of time required by management to clarify what is expected.
  • Performance Appraisal Tool: Communicating to employees what is expected in advance of evaluating how well they performed the job is key. A Job Description can be a primary tool in seeing that the employee understands what is expected. Yearly or introductory period performance appraisals are a perfect time to (1) review the employee’s Job Description to make sure that he/she is performing according to expectations, and to (2) discuss any changes in job responsibilities that have occurred and update the Job Description.
  • Complying with ADA & FEHA Requirements: Although a written Job Description is not required by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), or Fair Employment Housing Act (FEHA), it can be extremely helpful should a claim under the ADA or FEHA be filled. A properly written Job Description can be pertinent evidence.
  • Healthcare Provider Work Status: Job Descriptions that accurately list the physical requirements of the job are invaluable in the process of a healthcare provider understanding the actual requirements of the job and then making a professional recommendation on when the employee is expected to return to work and/or if there are any physical work restrictions.

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