Performance Appraisals


Exempt, Non-Exempt, Introductory Goal Setting and Management

TPO’s Performance Planning and Appraisal Programs provide an orderly method for the review and analysis of an employee’s job performance. Performance appraisals provide an invaluable tool for supervisors in utilizing, developing and orienting their employees into a performance and efficiency pattern that will accomplish the goals of the employee, the supervisor, and the organization. The purpose of the written Performance Appraisal system is to formally assess the employee’s performance, skills and results achieved for the appraisal period. The employee’s current job description, goals, and development plan from the previous review period are used as the performance criteria. An organized and completely detailed employee performance appraisal, together with periodic or annual reviews, can be the best way to consistently maintain your company’s standards.

TPO’s Performance Planning and Appraisal Program is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To let the employees know how well they are doing and what changes in technical performance and/or behavior will lead to higher levels of performance.
  • To provide a means for coaching and counseling employees to help them develop to their full potential, accomplish established goals and meet performance standards.
  • To generate information needed for both short, and long range administrative actions, including:
    • Short Range: Salary Decisions, Work Assignments, Goals Attainment, Training Needs, Promotions and Transfers
    • Long Range: Human Resources Planning and Development

The Performance Planning and Appraisal Program offers a means for comprehensive evaluation and appraisal of an employee’s total performance. Total performance considers the employee’s accomplishment of performance goals, and how effectively the employee used the job-related performance factors (key skills, knowledge and/or qualifications) in accomplishing those planned objectives.

At TPO, we have designed various performance appraisal system options with associated guidelines aimed at formally planning, evaluating, documenting and developing the performance outcomes of staff.

I. Introductory Reviews – a checklist format to prompt incremental feedback for new or newly promoted/transferred employees. Receiving structured feedback during this period of employment is critical to the employee’s overall success. The employee performance appraisal criteria dimensions focus on adaptability rather than competency, which is a recommended focus beyond this phase of employment.
II. Annual Reviews – this performance appraisal system design broadens the criteria to include specific performance factors focused on competency and behavioral traits required to succeed in the job
a. Supplemental Manager/Supervisor Section – This supplement targets performance factors unique to those in supervisory positions. Key areas such as: Employee Selection, Employee Development, Leadership, Budget & Schedule Management, and Policy Administration are measured.
III. Exempt Performance Planning & Appraisal Program – this comprehensive program incorporates all of the elements of “best practice” performance management. As a “weighted” model, this system and the overall employee performance appraisal ratings adjust to the changing priorities of the position and organization. The components are:
a. Update the current job description
b. Determine priorities and weights for upcoming review period by key responsibility
c. Develop “SMART” goals
d. Check interim progress
e. Initiate Discussion Topics forum
f. Request Self-Appraisal
g. Conduct Appraisal

We also provide highly acclaimed training, development and coaching support to increase the skills and effectiveness of managers in the areas of providing employee performance appraisal feedback and developing employees.
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