Policy and Procedures Manuals

Authoritative Guide for Managers and Supervisors


Setting the rules, policies and procedures of your company is very important. The Employee Handbook is used as a basic employee communica­tions document for all employees. A well-written policy and procedures manual is a single, up-to-date, authoritative source of information which is helpful for all supervisors and managers to refer to for guidance and clarification in administering policies.

The Policies and Procedures Manual not only expresses WHAT the policy is, it often communicates WHY (the rationale) the policy is so that the manager understands and can explain to his/her employee if asked, and also HOW to administer the policy. The HOW aspect of the manual is a critical component to supporting the manager’s ability to implement and administer the policies. It serves as a helpful guide for managers. It offers step-by-step guidance and sample forms to increase consistency and compliance, thereby enhancing the manager’s confidence and professional image from the perspective of his/her subordinate employees.

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