Bonus Pay Systems That Support Your Business Objectives.


Meet with one of our compensation consultants to ensure that you are taking care of your business and your employees in a fair and just manner. Organizations are looking for smart ways to maximize dollars spent on employee total rewards. The idea of Total Rewards includes all of the things offered by an employer that are of value to an employee. These rewards fall into the categories of pay, benefits and culture. Learn how to implement an employee rewards program, a competency based pay system, bonus pay systems or other incentive programs to benefit your business and your employees.

At TPO, we focus on the total work experience and rewards for employees so that your organization can make decisions about how to be competitive by balancing the three categories. Employers often overlook the less tangible, but highly desirable aspects of employment that are embodied in their culture. An employee rewards program is sure to demonstrate to your employees how much you care about rewarding them for their hard work, which could boost morale in the workplace.

Matching bonus systems to company goals and objectives is also very important. We start by partnering with the organization’s leadership to design a Total Rewards model that supports the organization’s specific needs. We do this by helping develop incentive programs for employees to understand and promote the behaviors necessary for success.

We can assist your organization in the following specific elements of Employee Rewards Program:
Base Pay Systems Development
  • Classification Systems
  • Pay Range Development and Adjustments
  • Broadbanding
  • Market Driven
Competitive Market Research
  • Custom Survey
  • Research and recommendations on survey purchase
Bonus Pay Systems
  • Management by Objective
  • Sales Compensation
  • Project Based Pay
  • Skill Based Pay
  • Goal Based Pay
  • Customized Pay Programs
  • Custom Survey
  • Analysis of current trends
  • Assistance in vendor search
Employee Rewards Programs & Competency Based Pay Systems
  • Recognition systems
  • Development of specific valued programs
  • Development of annual “Total Compensation” communication
  • Presentations on bonus or base pay models
  • Presentations of survey results
  • Development of communications of Total Rewards of organization
    • For employees
    • For candidates/applicants
Support Documentation
  • Job Descriptions
  • Administration Procedures
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