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“Beyond the Grapevine” – Balancing informal communications with proactive information through structured employee communications systems


Clearly, informal discussions are an important component of organizational communication. This “grapevine” dialogue can be healthy and offer management critical insight as to what is on the hearts and minds of the employees. Many times however, without the benefit of a more formal mechanism of imparting factual information, the “grapevine” can play an unhealthy and counter-productive role by distorting realities into distracting rumors. It is impossible to eliminate the grapevine because it is a part of organizational life. This is why effective communication skills are necessary for your business. It is important that organizations share information and communicate details to reduce the need for rumors and gossip that naturally spread on the grapevine. TPO provides employee communications support for clients to promote clear communication, improved employee/management relations and positive morale. Employee communication is encouraged, as long as the dialogue remains factual and focused on topics pertaining to your business. At TPO, we can help you harness the power of effective communication skills.


Workplace Satisfaction Surveys & Critical Interventions

Analysis, Feedback, Recommendations

Whether communications challenges involve two individuals, teams, one or more departments, or the entire organization, TPO is frequently called upon to step in as an objective third party. We interview groups and individuals to validate and/or invalidate concerns and issues that have been brought to the attention of management. We have achieved an enormous degree of success with our approach to employee communication. We work with our clients to understand what the perceived difficulties are, structure an interview format designed to obtain feedback from the parties concerned, and draw on our extensive expertise with management and employee relations to gain the confidence and trust of the interviewees. We identify and report key themes, issues and recommendations for improving morale, employer-employee communications, problem-solving and workplace satisfaction. Although we align our approach to the particular circumstances at hand, our general focus areas are:

  • Overall Job Satisfaction
  • Morale
  • Organizational Structure and Effectiveness
  • Management Skills
  • Employee Communication with Management
  • Employee Relations & Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Professional Development
  • Mission/Vision
  • Employment Practices
  • Top Priorities

We work closely with our clients to ensure that every aspect of the process is well communicated and executed effectively, and that the intervention process produces positive results for all concerned. The insight gleaned from these interviews has been described as nothing short of miraculous. Problems that seemed insurmountable and impossibly entrenched in the culture were dealt with and resolved. This is why effective employee communications are a must.

Orientation Programs

From as minimal as a check list to a web-based, self-paced comprehensive orientation program.

One of the least used, but most effective tools an organization can use to retain good employees is a New Employee Orientation (NEO). With more and more organizations doing “more with less,” the high cost of turnover and the rapidly changing workforce, a consistent, systemized process for orienting employees to your organization is critical to the success of that employee and the uninterrupted production of your product or service. You might be thinking, “We are too small to need a formal orientation program” or “Who has the time to develop an orientation program?” Not so. NEO’s can vary in breadth, delivery and length depending on the organization.

Why Orient Staff?

  • Communicate organization’s mission, vision & goals
  • Get employee’s “hitting the ground running”
  • Prevent productivity slowdown
  • Control hiring & turnover costs

TPO can help create and implement a new program by following this process:

  • Assess your organization’s size and resources, including interviewing supervisors and recently hired employees to gather information and feedback.
  • Using this information, determine the type (formal or informal) of orientation appropriate for your organization.
  • Determine what elements and information need to be included in the program.


Employee Suggestion Program Management

Enhance Your Business Strategy, Improve Morale, Bolster Productivity and Employee Retention

Employee suggestion programs can offer any organization a distinct competitive advantage with their many benefits including cost savings, increased revenues, decreased waste, improved quality, safety, customer service, improved corporate culture, employee motivation and employee satisfaction. Employee suggestion systems have been in existence for over one hundred years in one form or another, ranging from the proverbial employee suggestion box to fully-developed employee suggestion systems overseen by administrators, evaluators and idea specialists. We understand how important it is to employ effective communication skills in the workplace, so we offer our employee suggestion service to help employers harness the creativity and team-building potential of individual employees.

TPO Can Help You Design a Custom-Fit Employee Suggestion Program to:

  • Give employees the opportunity to suggest changes or ways in which operations could be improved
  • Roll-out a cost saving reward system design
  • Solicit safety suggestions
  • Assemble motivational ideas
  • Gather morale improvement strategies
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