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From CEO to Entry-Level, Our Proven Talent Acquisition Strategies Produce Optimal Results

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You Choose from Our Support Menu Based on Your Needs:

  • Analyze position & organizational needs
  • Identify necessary characteristics & criteria
  • Create/update job description & application
  • Provide training support to the hiring team
  • Compose & place advertisements
  • Manage & sort applicant responses
  • Perform preliminary applicant screening
  • Facilitate interviews
  • Develop and administer assessments
  • Conduct reference checks
  • Arrange background investigations
  • Assist with employment offer
  • Structure an introduction and orientation
  • Impress applicants with a professional process
  • Establish initial goals, objectives & performance measurements
  • Minimize legal challenges

Let TPO help you design a structured and reliable hiring system and take your recruitment and election process to the next level!

“With TPO’s support, we see an amazing difference in the quality of our hiring decisions – way beyond job skills to people who fit with our team and culture. Our turnover is down, and productivity is up. There really is a huge difference when you HireRight!”


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