HR Compliance (Audits)

Review of Employment Policies, Practices & Procedures from Hiring to Termination

Audits 1

Rapidly changing employment regulations coupled with today’s dynamic work environments, make it a recommended practice for employers to review and align their personnel administration practices periodically.

Are you looking to update existing or create new human resource policies?  We have all the information you need to include in your HR policies and procedures manual.

Through discussions with the Human Resources Department staff, and other key employees who participate in employment matters, we will work to identify major policies, procedures, and practices that are inconsistent with organizational goals or legal requirements.

Audits 2We will provide feedback detailing existing and potential problem areas, including recommendations. Some recommendations are based on state and federal employment regulations, others are provided as a matter of beneficial positioning in the event of future claims or litigation, others still are offered as alternative administrative practices for greater efficiency or increased employee-employer relations.

We then meet with you to review and discuss the outcomes of our HR practices review (basic audit). We will provide a “road map” for planning and implementing efficient and legally sound employment practices.

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