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Employee Relations Assessments & Interventions – Organizational Development Strategy
  • At TPO, we understand that an objective perspective can really make a difference when resolving productivity and morale difficulties between senior or mid-level management employees, peers, coworkers, or any combination. This intervention could include interviewing the impacted parties, linking issues with the department’s and/or organization’s goals and visions, coaching for conflict management and change, establishing standards and expectations, and occasionally, guiding an individual out of the organization.
Leadership Pipeline Program

Our expert Consultants will work with your HR and Senior Management teams to:

  • Identify competencies of success at your organization
  • Evaluate current competency levels
  • Create a succession plan
  • Establish general blue prints for advancement
  • Work with individuals to develop specific advancement plans
  • Create participation through processes that motivate and infuse the organization’s key players with energy, courage and commitment
Organizational Change – Leadership Alignment

TPO works with organizations undergoing change. A successful change effort requires focused management of the change process to secure success. The support we provide to achieve this success comes with three key objectives:

  • Enhance a feeling of ownership among leadership in the change process
  • Encourage individual leader’s accountability to organizational success
  • Develop skills in interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving

Our strategy provides practical and applicable tools for the leadership team. These tools will enhance daily performance, and inspire leaders to shepherd the change process by building buy in and support from and with their departments. Based on behavioral research and our professional experience as organizational development consultants, we know that people respond more positively to an approach that builds on strengths, encourages self-reflection, and maintains a sense of high value for every individual involved.

We help people move from a critical or blaming mode, to one that is solution-oriented and involves individual accountability from everyone. TPO’s leadership and organizational development strategy helps the entire leadership team define success and accountability. Our expert Consultants use the following tools:

  • 360º feedback surveys for all participants (confidential for each participant)
  • A 360º group report summarizing the team strengths & development needs
  • JTPW (Jung Typology Profile for the Workplace) assessment for all participants
  • A team report summarizing the personality dynamics of the team
  • Half-day training programs to introduce concepts & initiate team cohesiveness
  • Individualized feedback for each participant, reviewing strengths and developmental needs and creating a clearly defined action plan to share with senior management
  • Individualized one-on-one coaching as needed for follow-up


We can work with managers to develop exciting agendas that will inspire teams to participate and get motivated about the future, while staying focused on aligning with the organization’s objectives & goals.

Strategic Planning Meetings
  • Review department mission, vision, values, goals, and team member roles
  • Create strategic plan with team member participation and accountability
Problem Solving Meetings
  • Provide opportunities for teams to resolve key operational problems and performance issues in a controlled group environment
  • Facilitate a positive, constructive resolution of key issues
Conflict Resolution Sessions
  • Provide opportunities to evaluate and resolve team conflicts
  • Conduct one-on-one informational interviews with selected team members
  • Present results of meetings to manager and other appropriate staff
  • Present a conflict resolution team meeting to discuss issues and resolution plans
Team Style Assessments
  • Provide JTPW (Jung Typology Profile for the Workplace) training for team members to analyze team strengths and development needs and set goals for improvement
Teambuilding Sessions
  • Provide off-site opportunities for team development
  • Outward bound training programs to allow team development in a fun, creative environment
Department Work Flow Analysis

TPO works with a department to align job tasks and assignments with the Department’s strategy. We do this through the following process:

  • Identify and analyze tasks performed by current staff and outside consultants using individual interviews with incumbents and supervisors, and written questionnaire
  • Determine ways to perform tasks more effectively, by internal staff reassignment or outsourcing
  • Develop a realignment impact report, including recommendations and findings regarding staffing, training, relative worth, outsourcing, and associated
  • costs savings or increases
  • Design a plan for confirming and realigning roles and responsibilities to achieve greater operational efficiencies and effectiveness
Considering feedback received from the above actions, we can then:
  • Update Job Descriptions
  • Identify and plan required skills training
  • Identify and plan technological, facility and equipment needs and resources
  • Redefine scope of services for outside contractors
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Provide a detailed organizational development strategy and consulting support to facilitate smooth change transition and future continuous improvements
Signature Training Programs
  • TPO offers a full menu of  Signature Training Programs for executive, management and supervisory level employees. TPO customizes “best practices” workshops and training programs in all competency areas of people management and leadership. We also offer employee training in areas such as customer service, maintaining a harassment and discrimination-free workplace, and more.


Career Development Plans
  • TPO HR Management works with individuals to assess current competency levels against professional development needs relative to current and future career opportunities and expectations. As experts in the field of human resoures, organizational development strategy planning and implementation is what we do best. We have the unique capability to accurately assess the current competencies of your HR staff, and work with each individual to design a development plan that meets the needs of the employee, the HR department and the organization.
360º Feedback Surveys
  • The 360º feedback surveys are designed to provide managers with valuable, confidential information regarding their performance across a set of behavioral competencies.
  • Managers receive 10 surveys to distribute to boss, self, peers, and subordinates. The surveys are mailed directly to a third-party organization for data analysis and executive summary.
  • Managers are given a 90 minute personal feedback session to review survey results and create an individualized development plan.
  • Surveys are used for development purposes only and remain confidential. Managers are encouraged to share survey results and/or performance goals with their supervisor.
Leadership/Executive Coaching and Development

Leadership coaching offers tailored, one-on-one assessment, feedback and training that provide individuals with the support and guidance they need to enhance performance and increase effectiveness. Coaching requires a collaborative relationship, with the participation of both the individual and the consultant. Our expert Consultants offer a quality coaching service with one-on-one attention from a professional with experience in organizational settings and expertise, working with individuals to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills for success.

We work from a position of both support and challenge, through the use of: work personality assessment, feedback, goal setting and skill development. The coached individual learns about their own strengths and developmental needs, while learning methods to improve leadership skills in such areas as communication, team development, organizational change, strategic thinking, and conflict resolution. Our human resources organizational development is sure to provide the key insight and expert advice your organization needs to succeed.

Professionals who typically benefit from leadership and executive coaching services include individuals whom:

  • Have senior level responsibility for managing organizational change and need consultation for their agenda, and/or
  • Have or will have new and broader assignments or responsibilities, and need a broader set of skills, and/or
  • Require targeted training in specific skill areas such as presenting, communicating, team building or facilitating meetings

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