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The premise of self-organizing, self-renewing and adapting organizations and their talent is not a new concept.  In today’s rapidly evolving global economy, businesses, regardless of size or market, are continually working to create dynamic, reconfigurable organizations that recognize and respond to rapid change and growth strategies along with hiring and developing talent to achieve their “Big Hairy Audacious Goals” or BHAG (Jim Collins).

At TPO, we understand that an objective perspective can really make a difference in assisting leaders shaping their organizations including the expertise needed to fulfill their short and long-range objectives.  We also understand the importance of aligning talent capabilities to the organization’s overall life cycle, from start-up to growing to maturing due to the differing needs and imperatives

within each stage.  Our approach to Organizational Development includes:

  • ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: Vision, Mission, Values, Culture, External Factors (Market, Industry, Regulatory) Structural and Functional Design, Product, Service Differentiators, Change Management and Employee Engagement.
  • TEAM EFFECTIVENESS: Assessments, Effective Meeting Management (Strategic, Operational, Decision-making), Functional Alignment (Workflow Analysis, RACI/Responsible, Accountable, Consultative, Informed)
  • INDIVIDUAL EFFECTIVENESS: Assessments, Competency & Job Ladders, Career Development, Alignment to Goals & Actionable Learning (Rotations, Mentoring), 360 Feedback.

A sampling of initiatives, interventions and deliverables include:


  • Establishing vision, mission and values and integrating into cultural, business and talent venues (talent acquisition, management and development, operational governance).
  • Instilling a leadership philosophy as a ‘compass’ defining and instilling development, and performance expectations and outcomes, as a culture of leadership unique to your organization.
  • Organizational design models using Galbraith’s STAR Model helping leaders assess, frame and reset their organizational strategy, structure, processes (workflow analyses), reward systems and people practices.
  • Change Management strategic planning, implementation and monitoring managing impact of change to the organization’s operations and behaviors; integrated transition plans, newly defined roles and responsibilities and interventions in managing human behavioral changes.
  • Organizational culture aligning your organization’s values to a disciplined cadence of working principles designed to improve productivity (e.g., Effective Meeting Management, Problem Solving, Decision Making Models) and employee engagement survey planning, reporting and actions.


  • Team Effectiveness Assessments assessing team capabilities (work and communication preferences and styles, Tuckman stages of team development) and creating learning plans that drive HIGH PERFORMANCE.
  • Developing HIGH PERFORMANCE incorporating assessment outcomes and integrating productivity enhancement tools and methods covering improved group process and structure, project management, time management, email etiquette, decision making, problem solving and conflict management.)


  • Talent Management system aligning individual to department and organizational goals, performance results, development and rewards.
  • Leadership Development assessing senior leadership talent and critical roles, 360 feedback and Executive Coaching, and successor identification, readiness, “actionable” development plans and quarterly monitoring and evaluation.
  • Career Development defining functional career ladders and competencies, assessing employee capabilities and establishing learning curriculums and development plans to further growth.
  • Talent Development Strategies covering formal job rotations, internship programs, facilitated mentoring, learning curriculums aligned to competencies, job ladders and skill development needs.
  • Signature Training Programs a full menu of “best practice” workshops for executive, management and supervisory levels in all areas of people management and leadership.

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