Tonja Posey, IPMA-SCP, Senior Consultant

An accomplished Human Resources (HR) Professional with a career encompassing nearly 20 years in HR management, support and operational improvements, Tonja has extensive private and public sector experience in both small and large employer operations.

She is a certified Executive Human Resources Professional by the Human Resources International Public Management Association (IPMA-SCP). The IPMA-SCP is a public sector focused and competency-based credential for qualified HR professionals symbolizing excellence in the field of human resources as an HR expert, a business partner, a leader and a change agent.

Tonja quickly partners with clients to identify HR issues and needs and skillfully coaches them through difficult and sensitive employee relations issues. She considers alternative options, and focuses on risk management, empowering managers, and caring about what is best for each organization and its unique HR objectives. She specializes in recruitment (TPO’s HireRight Systemssm), policy development, employee/labor relations, contract negotiations and conflict resolution.  Examples of Tonja’s record of success are:



  • Developed and managed an efficient and compliant Human Resources Department.
  • Reduced Workers Compensation expenses and liability by applying best practices in case management, risk and safety programs.
  • Negotiated changes to employee benefits programs, providing employer medical cost savings while still remaining competitive in the labor market.
  • Designed and implemented employee recognition programs.
  • Introduced practices, procedures and programs to Executive Management and Board of Directors which resulted in measurable cost savings and increased employee morale and productivity.
  • Conducted exit interviews and turnover analysis, creating action plans to address turnover issues with business partners.
  • Monitored employment policies, programs and procedures of administration, training compensation, compliance and benefits to attract, retain and motivate employees.
  • Developed and presented impactful regulatory and leadership skills training programs for employees, supervisors and managers.

Conducted time-sensitive and highly confidential investigations related to harassment and/or discrimination and safety matters.

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