New Parent Leave (SB 63)

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SB-63: CA New Parent Leave (NPL) Act for SMALL Employers

  • NPL Applies to CA Employers with 20-49 Employees
  • Your Current Leave Policies & Practices MUST be Updated
  • New Requirements Went Into Effect on 1/1/2018

This significantly changes how employers with 20-49 employees (within 75 miles) administer leaves of absence!
Attend TPO’s NPL Compliance Briefings to learn more about:

  • SB-63 Regulatory Overview
  • Eligibility
  • Leave Protections
  • Coordination with Other Leave Laws
  • Policy Requirements
  • Real-Life Examples
  • and more…

We will build on the information covered at the TPO Annual Conference and provide a Sample Policy, Sample NPL Letter and Sample Maternity/NPL Letter so that you are confident and ready for implementation.

This law requires employers with ONLY 20-49 employees to provide 12 weeks of a protected leave of absence for new   parental bonding with a newborn baby or a newly placed child for adoption or foster care. To be eligible, employees must have worked 12 months at any time for the employer and actually worked 1250 hours in the past 12 months. If an employee takes this leave, the new law requires employers to maintain and pay for health insurance premium payments. Employees must be returned to the same or comparable position after the leave. No adverse employment actions may be taken against an employee who uses this leave.

This briefing is ONLY for employers with 20-49 employees; all employers with 50+ employees are already covered under FMLA/CFRA and this new New Parent Leave will not apply and therefore you don’t need a new policy, revised Kit or sample letter.

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